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It is claimed that the second biggest purchases we make in our lives is when we buy a car, whether we choose to use it  for work or pleasure it will need to be looked after. Scheduled inspections or "Servicing", are something that will help toward trouble free motoring and will greatly extend the life of your car. A seasonal pre-check can also help ensure that your car is ready to face the changing environment that we see from our now very hot summers to our cold and icy winters. Don't be one of those left standing at the road side in the freezing cold with a failed battery, or broken fan belts! The summer time can also bring problems of over heating, this can lead to leaking hoses at best through to serious engine damage!  We believe that it is sensible to have your car prepared and ready to face the demanding ever changing conditions that our English weather brings. It is true to say when taking care of ourselves that prevention is better than cure, and this should be no different when taking care of our car. We have put together very economical service inspection schedules that will help achieve a reliable and safe motoring experience. Out lined below are just a few of the areas of work that we are equipped to carry out that will help achieve safe and reliable motoring.   

Scheduled Servicing 

We offer:  Full Inspection Service 1 & 2
We offer:  Long Life Inspection Service.
We offer:  Oil Change Service                                 

Our Workshop is fully equipped to carry out the following repairs

Brakes: Re-line, Cables, Hydraulic, Fluids.

Exhausts:  Pipes, Boxes, Manifolds.

Clutches:  Plates, Bearings, Hydraulics.

Electrical: Fault tracing, Battery, Wiring, Lighting.

ECU: System checks.

Fault code rectification: All areas.

Steering & Suspension: Shock Absorbers, Ball Joints, Bearings, Drive Shafts, CVJ, Racks, Tyres

M.O.T: Your vehicle test can be arranged by appointment.

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