A G Brown

VAG  Garage Services

0208 890 6157

Allan Brown is a fully qualified motor vehicle engineer and has specialised in VW and Audi cars for the past 40 years. All motor mechanical repairs are done on site. Allan has also built up over the years a network of specialists in all areas of vehicle repairs including auto electricians and can arrange for qualified personal to attend to almost all aspects of car repair. VAG stands for "Volkswagen Audi Group" and within the group there is now Skoda and Seat, we are fully equiped to service the VAG range of domestic and small commercial vehicles.


We offer general car servicing to Audi and VW cars including the smaller range of vans and off road vehicles.

We also offer general car servicing to many other popular makes of vehicles and small vans.

MOT pre-inspection and MOT preparation is something we can help with, we use only approved spares in all our works unless requested otherwise.

Our work is always professional, and our charges very reasonable.




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